adidas x Wanderlust 108 Los Angeles

This weekend, I had a chance to experience Wanderlust 108, a run/yoga series of events put on by Wanderlust and adidas Women. 

 The main stage at Wanderlust 108 Los Angeles

The main stage at Wanderlust 108 Los Angeles

Touted as a "mindful triathlon," this one-day event takes participants through a 5K run/walk along the beach, an hour(ish)-long group yoga flow and a half-hour meditation session against the backdrop of iconic Santa Monica Pier. These 108 (or "1∆8" per their branding) events are smaller scale offshoot events put on by the same folks that put on the weekend-long Wanderlust festivals across the country—think Coachella for the yoga set.

I've seen read much about events in past years and other locations so I was excited to finally experience it for myself. Last year was the first year of their adidas partnership so I came into it expecting a strong female-empowerment vibe that I've come to know and appreciate from adidas Women as of late.

What I packed:

  • sunblock
  • deodorant
  • Honest wipes
  • small towel
  • S'well water bottle
  • hoodie & extra tank, just in case!
  • snacks (Bulletproof bar & Rxbar)
  • sunglasses
  • yoga mat

What I wore:

Running- and yoga-friendly wear that would be comfortable in the forecasted 80-degree weather + running shoes.

Rundown of the day's events

The event was slated to begin at 7:30 am for check-in, with the 5K to start at 9:00 am. I arrived just after 8:45 am and didn't want to stress about checking in, dealing with my stuff and making it down to the sand for the run, so I opted to skip it. At check-in, I received a branded headband/bandana and an adhesive race bib with bag check tag. I checked in my backpack and found a spot to set up my yoga mat at the main stage.

I took advantage of the crowd-less time to explore Kula Market, an assortment of sponsor and merchant booths and shops that lined the perimeter of the space. A few of my favorite brands were there (Bulletproof, RXBAR, Health-ade, and Perfect Bar) so I helped myself to samples from each, and inevitably found myself at the Wanderlust x adidas pop-up shop. Yes, I bought something—I needed a souvenir!

 adidas Pop-Up Shop

adidas Pop-Up Shop

Up next: yoga. I'm not a yogi and admittedly have never had the desire to take it on as a regular practice, but I appreciate the stretching and discipline involved so I took part as best as I could. Led by MC Yogi and Chelsey Korus, the entire flow ran just over an hour and I struggled through most all the poses (or asanas), which required a type of balance and flexibility that my body was not giving to me that morning. My favorite parts: the deep stretching! Pigeon pose? Give it to me! Child's pose? More, please! Savasana? All day!

I took advantage of the half hour of guided meditation to reapply my natural deodorant—this is real life!—and grab my pre-purchased lunch comprised of the Wanderbowl (brown rice, black beans, secret sauce, shredded cheese, mango salsa and avocado), siggi's yogurt, a small dessert bite and LaCroix.

 Me doing aerial yoga

Me doing aerial yoga

With event admission, you're able to register for one half-hour workshop and I opted for aerial yoga (by AIReal Yoga™). The instructor led us through some getting-used-to-the-hammock movements before getting INto it, literally.

By the end of the session, I was able to successfully hang upside-down in the silk with no hands! One of the assistants was able to capture an unflattering photo of my experience that I wouldn't normally post, but it felt like such an accomplishment so...


All in all, it was a fun experience at my first "triathlon." Yogi I am not, but it didn't keep me from being able to have a great time. My marathon pre-training starts this week so this was a nice kick-off to get me into a more active mindset, and my sore post-yoga body and sunburns are serving as reminders for a Saturday well spent.

For more info the Wanderlust series of events, visit or check them out on Insta at @wanderlustfest.