A new adventure

Here it goes: I'm starting a blog.

I thought it would be a great medium for me to document my journey from runner-on-hiatus to full-blown marathoner (including any food/wellness thoughts I'd also like to share!). I started running in early 2013 as a challenge to myself to do the one thing I always thought I could never do: run a complete mile. It took every mental game and ounce of energy for me not to stop, and it worked. That small (but important) triumph encouraged me to continue running as a form of exercise. As someone who has struggled with weight and self-image issues since childhood, to find an activity that I could do anywhere, any time, and pretty much incognito (introverted, shy girl problems) was a huge draw; seeing and feeling the positive changes it did for my body and energy only kept me pushing further and harder, despite the challenge.

From 2014 to 2015, my boyfriend-turned-husband and I completed 4 half marathons together.

Now, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon had been one of those fantasy races that was top of my list if I was ever crazy enough to attempt a marathon (Nike-sponsored, hello!). Like many popular races, entry is by lottery so those chosen to run every year are truly lucky to have the opportunity. Some time in 2016, during a months-long running hiatus, I told my husband, "I think I want to train for a marathon next year." Not one to say no to his crazy wife, he let me enter us into the lottery for the 40th anniversary race.

We got in.

So now begins our journey to Chicago. T-minus 24 weeks...